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The main community for Uchi Hiroki ~♥

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.about ・゜・☆。・゜。
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 Welcome to uchi_daily, the main community dedicated to the amazing Uchi Hiroki~ ♥

uchi_daily is open to the public. Anyone may join, and anyone may post.

Please note that posts containing media files are now members only in this community so you might want to consider joining not just friending the comm.

If you shall have any comments, concerns, questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of the moderators.

If you want to affiliate with this comm. please let us know~! :D

Community created by: yuki-hotaru
[1] NO FLAMING!!! If you are not a fan of Uchi, you don't need to join since the comm is dedicated only to him. If you're a member, respect other people's opinions.
[2] You can post anything related to Uchi, including Kanjani8 or NEWS material, as long as Uchi is part of it in any way.
[3] All posts containing media files must be locked. This includes video clips, fancams/fanaudios, magazine scans, shop pics (official or not), etc.
[4] Help to maintain this comm more functional: tag your posts, use lj-cut and don't forget to credit your sources.
[5] Last but not least, participate, have fun and be kind to the people who post and share by leaving a comment and thanking them.

[*] You can read the full rules post here

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